Dreams of Startups

March 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

It’s late, and I should be asleep and dreaming.  Ok, I’m not sleeping, but I am dreaming. Recently, I’ve realized that I have a strong leaning towards working as a part of a team – I may be a team of one, but I’d rather work on a team of more.   I’ve done both but prefer the latter.   I’m also thinking that  I could build and lead a team pretty well for a project of my own creating.  Not only that, but it could be fun.  I’ve found myself recently in the presence of bright, creative, enthusiastic developers who are dissatisfied with their jobs.  I know how programmers work because I am a programmer.  Without divulging the innards of my idea(s), I can say that the “skeleton” of my team looks like this:

  1. Designer, UX professional
  2. Myself, as developer, business analyst, marketing (with the help of the Designer), and sales
  3. Another developer – we are always better in pairs+, and my idea(s) may involve a technology that I am not sufficiently knowledgeable of.
  4. Hmm….

I’m going to leave number four open, for now 🙂


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