Seth was not wrong. I was.

April 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

In a previous blog post, I disagreed with a post on Seth Godin’s blog about there being a problem with needing to be told what to do. While I still think this is true in the context of technical leadership, I failed to appreciate the context in which Seth was writing. Now, a couple of chapters away from completing his book “Linchpin”, I understand that a Linchpin not only does not need to be told what to do, but a Linchpin creates the map for those who do. The Linchpin provides the creative vision and domain knowledge to build a new map.

The people Seth was referring to are the cogs in the factory (The Factory – this may be the topic of a future post…) . These people are those who are content to just draw a paycheck, and if they’re not told what to do, well, they probably won’t do much of anything.

His book is full of insight and inspiration, and I’m a huge fan. It continues to encourage me, especially as it pertains to the lizard brain and the resistance. I am inspired to be more artful in my development efforts and emotional investments, and most of all to….SHIP!


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