About Me

I’m a mother to three incredibly bright and beautiful children, avid tennis player and tech enthusiast.  I love art and music and those that channel creativity in such ways that connect and inspire.


I’m a software / web developer with experience building applications from start to finish; gathering requirements, database development, UI development, training, etc.  I have experience doing development for retail (Macy’s Systems and Technology), energy (Schlumberger), and currently, the financial services industry (TSYS).  My area of expertise is with Microsoft products – mainly .NET and SQL Server.

I am captivated by the financial services industry because we are arriving at the tipping point of major change in how we pay for things.  Mobile, NFC, location awareness, and social media (to name a few) are infiltrating every aspect of our payments processes.  My passions include improving the customer experience and building products that not only solve a problem and/or drive change but are also fun and easy to use.   Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Random Stuff

I’m a potter.  Since I was a kid, I have been building things with clay and am especially at home on a potter’s wheel.  While I spent many years after college learning the craft, I still wish I had attained a fine art degree along with my computer science and math degree.  One day I hope to have a studio of my own.

I sold t-shirts on Nantucket one summer and traveled through Europe with nothing more than a backpack and a best friend for six weeks during the next summer.

I love the outdoors – biking, camping, hiking – especially when spent with my family.









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