The Sock Box

December 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

In my home live five people, all of whom wear different sized socks.  Among these socks of different sizes are different colors and brands.  Laundry must be done almost daily, and we all know there’s a secret land where mismatched, mate-less socks go leaving one stranded.  Matching them up and putting them away takes a lot of time.  There’s also the issue of the kids stripping them from their feet multiple times a day (if you looked under my couch, chances are you’d find some socks).

I’ve tried many processes to mitigate sock loss including buying one brand per person, safety pinning dirty socks, and designating a wash and store bag per person for only socks.  When all these systems failed, I came up with a new one and to my surprise, it’s been very effective: The Sock Box.  Socks get washed with the rest of the laundry, but when it’s time to fold and put away the laundry, ALL socks, regardless of color, size, or brand, go into The Sock Box.  As time permits and on an as-needed basis, socks can be paired, sorted, and delivered.  If there isn’t even time for that (or mainly, there are better ways in which I choose to spend my time), then the sock-less person can go to The Sock Box and there is always a matching pair there.  Beautiful!

How could a technical Sock Box benefit us?  Do we already have a Sock Box? Do our IT organizations have Sock Boxes?  Niche programming, lack of collaboration, working in silos, multiple platforms, good ideas that nobody hears about because they get lost under the couch… These are all lost socks, wanderers, left to attract dust bunnies and eventually are discarded for yet another pair.  Social media, especially within our IT organizations, could create a Sock Box where ideas meet and connect and become useful.  Unified platforms streamline our development efforts and the maintenance that follows.  In need of a new, innovative idea?  Check The Sock Box.


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